Matching Products Not Perfect and Don't Like "Tinder" Swiping

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An iPhone user said:
For me, the most useful part of this app is the quick compare. The smart lists are kind of useful but I don’t like the whole Tinder format where I have swipe through lots of random products rather than just selecting the ones I like. Quick compare is useful when it works (which is not often). If it were properly synced and showed results for other supermarkets for lots of items (for instance chicken thighs worked but bananas and eggs didn’t) then it would be a really useful tool. Overall, not that helpful in its current state.
Thanks for trying out SmartList. We are glad you see the potential in the app! It is early days for the service and we are working hard to fix bugs and make the data more relevant. If your favourites don't have a match (e.g. in Quick Compare) you can search for them and they will appear as the best match for you in the future. Matching products from different supermarkets will also automatically improve for everyone as more people use SmartList.

Proposed Solution to Matching Problem
As we said above, it will take time to get the perfect match for every product and will always need updating as supermarkets add new products. We have made huge improvements over the last 6 months - well before we launched. The more people that use the app the better the matching will get, so please tell all your friends as you will be helping yourself.

Proposed Solution to Not Liking Tinder Format Problem
We get feedback saying people like the Tinder format and don't like the Tinder format.
Not everyone realises you can tap on the green and red bottons to do the same as swiping, so the first thing we will do is create a video explaining this.
We are also working on an update of the screens to make them simpler and will look at alternatives to the Tinder Format as we work through the screens.

Priority We Will Give This Solution
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