You are far more at risk of ruining your budgeting if you walk into a supermarket rather than shopping online.  Supermarkets are perfectly honed marketing machines, benefiting from millions of pounds and years of research. They attach every sense, including smell with the bakery strategically placed.

Here are some other tricks:

  • Impulse buys such as sweets placed by the till
  • Layouts that make you walk the whole way round. Regularly bought items are spread around the store, so you need to pass other things that may tempt you as you walk around
  • The most profitable items are at eye level and the brands often pay the supermarkets for the best placement.
  • Confusing signage that make items look on offer when they are not.
  • “Discount” and “sale” plastered everywhere to make us feel like we are getting a good deal

They try to use the same tricks online like “Have you forgotten…” and adverts for items they want to sell on various pages, but the tricks do not work as well as instore. We have got used to finding what we want and checking out as quickly as possible. We can spot adverts from a mile away, whereas we don’t seem to be able to do the same instore.

The figures prove the theory. The average basket bought online is about 10% less than instore!

Using SmartList goes one step further. It makes it even quicker to find what you want so you won’t be tempted to buy extra stuff. Try it out and see for yourself. Please tell others what you think in the comments section below.