Since last summer Aldi started trialling both paper and compostable plastic bags. It made paper available in half its UK stores and compostable in the other half – to see which customers prefer.

The results are now in and Aldi is rolling out compostable plastic bags across the country.

Iceland has also been testing no bags, but had abandon a single-store loose produce trial after it led to a 30% drop in sales. The MD Richard Walker said. “I certainly can’t justify investing millions in new tills and scales to offer something our customers don’t want to buy.”

Aldi’s bags are designed to be domestically compostable within 12 months, but The Carbon Trust was reluctant to commit following the introduction of a similar bag by the Co-op last year, saying they were not yet in widespread use and their environmental impact was yet to be evaluated.

Paper is heavier and bulkier than compostable plastic bags and requires more lorries for transporting, contributing to its carbon footprint.

We will continue to watch this space, but would be interested in your comments on the matter!