Sainsbury’s has removed buying restrictions on most lines as demand due to Covid-19 eases and stock levels return to normal.

It is the latest supermarket to lift the rationing put in place after shoppers stripped shelves across all categories at the height of panic-buying before the UK was placed in lockdown to suppress the outbreak.

CEO Mike Coupe said in an update to customers on Thursday that “the move was partly motivated by concerns that product limits were a barrier to being able to shop for other people stuck at home, such as the elderly and vulnerable or those self-isolating.”

The three-item limit has now been lifted on thousands of products, but remain on the most popular lines, including pasta, UHT milk, antibacterial hand gels and some tinned and frozen foods.

“I also want to reassure you that stock levels are now much better right across the store,” Coupe wrote in the message. “You can now feel confident in shopping in our stores at any time of day and being able to find most of what you need.”